A view of the Great Hall at Oldenberg. It still exists, but has been converted to Coyotes, a country western dance hall.

Back in the summer of 1990 I was lucky enough to visit the Oldenberg brewery, home of great German lagers and the American Museum of Brewing History & Arts. The museum was an absolutely incredible collection of breweriana amassed by Herb and Helen Haydock, beer collectors without peer. It consisted of cans, bottles, trays, openers, posters, mini-kegs, and countless other items. The collection is so large, in fact, that even Oldenberg's large facilities were insufficient to display it all, and it had to be rotated.

Sadly, Oldenberg no longer displays the collection. It was sold to Miller, who will hopefully handle it with the care and respect that Oldenberg did. Fortunately, I took some photos when I visited the museum, some of which appear here. The others should be added shortly. Whether your interest is breweriana or just beer in general, I hope you will enjoy them. (Note: Originally each link when to a different page due to lower bandwidth in the 90s, but updating for 2013 I have preserved the original format of this page while changing all the links to a single page with all the photos).